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What Else Can I Use to Step Up My Skin Care Routine? • Extra Credit Products

Annelise Hillmann • Dec 30, 2020

What Else Can I Use to Step Up My Skin Care Routine?

Once you get past level one in your skincare journey. You may want to target other skincare needs or add more advanced products into your repertoire. Careful gentlemen, skincare is addictive. 

Here are a few extra, side-hustle-like, elements to add to your skincare routine: 

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Toner is an astringent fluid that helps tighten your pores. Tight pores mean less dirt and oil can get into those pores. And therefore, less pimplage! You usually put a light dab (no, not that dab) of toner on between cleansing and moisturizing. 


Also known as sunblock, SPF helps keep the sun from frankly being a dick to you. Extra sun exposure can cause or exacerbate discoloration and cause skin care (also: will make you wrinkle). Big time douche behavior if you ask us. 


We hate to put this in the extra credit column because you should exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of extra dirt and old skin cells that build on your face. But we get one added step might be too much to handle early on in the skincare journey. Exfoliation helps reinvigorate your face and is a key element in fighting acne over time. So try doing it once a month and build to doing it once a week. 

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