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How Do I Cover Acne? • Understanding Immediate Fixes for Men's Acne

Annelise Hillmann • Dec 31, 2020

How Do I Cover Acne? 

Ah, so you have a pimple and you want it gone. Now, acne is nothing to be ashamed of. But sometimes, it’s just one more thing distracting you in your day to day life. It could be stopping you from speaking to a stranger you think is cute, or making you hesitate before presenting for a class or work project. Even though acne is normal, like nearly everyone has it, it can make you feel a little unsure of yourself from time to time. You might feel like you need to pop it, cover it up, or escape to a winter lodge in the foothills of the Siberian mountains so no one can see you. We’ve been there. We’ve (metaphorically) rented an Airbnb in that cold tundra before (it was tasteful, don’t get us wrong, but probably wasn’t a “long-term” solution to our acne issues). What we’re trying to say is-- We get it. And we get that sometimes you want to just cover it up.  

But before you go MIA, maybe try a few, arguably less drastic, and cheaper solutions to your pimple sitch, skin-color creams to cover acne like acne fader or concealer.

Fade men's acne concealer

Pre Application Steps

1. Wash. Your. Face. 

Well, for one, never apply concealer before washing your face. Putting concealer over unwashed skin will compound breakouts. Try using a straight forward, gentle cleanser in the morning and in the evening (if you have dry skin- just wash with water in the AM), we recommend the drug store brand Cetaphil especially if you have acne prone, sensitive skin.  

2. Rehydrate

Now, if you only do two things to your face in the morning it should be cleansing and moisturizing.  Fun fact: if you’ve ever, per say, spent a whole night shooting back Jaeger bombs and didn’t even LOOK at a glass of water, you probably woke up quite literally *#@$%t-faced. Alcohol dries your skin on the inside as much as it does on the outside. When you drink a lot, you and your skin get hella dehydrated. So, in between your hangover routine, find two seconds to wipe some moisturizer across your face.

Ok, ok, you’ve listened to us. Now how exactly do you apply your concealer? Hint: It's not like how your mom used to slather your face in sunblock but it isn’t the easiest thing to do the first time.


Covering Your Acne

How to Apply Acne Fader: 

  1. On clean fingers dab a little less than a dime sized amount. 
  1. Start with a little bit of product and then add more until you have a satisfactory amount of coverage. 
  1. Apply to the area of concern by gently patting on to the spot. (We recommend using your ring finger as it uses less pressure). 
  1. Let the product dry so it doesn’t smudge. 
  1. Avoid touching your face as this can cause acne because your hands are Dirty ™ and so you don’t rub the product away. Also, touching your face increases the chances of getting sick, so like, non-technically speaking, this is good for your health. 
  1. Reapply throughout the day as needed. (When re-applying concealer, always use clean hands to do so)


Few Places and Times Not to Cover Acne: 

  • An open sore (don’t pick your pimples!)
  • On dirty skin (DUDE Wash Your Face)
  • Before you shave