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6 Best Thrift Shops for Guys In New York City

Annelise Hillmann • Jan 24, 2022

Thrifting can be a time-consuming hobby in NYC, but it’s a great way to find unique garments, statement pieces, cheap designer items, and sustainable solutions to fast fashion. Want an aviator jacket with original patches? Head to your closest thrift store.

"Vintage" stores can have higher price tags than buying new items, so knowing the right spots nearby is the key to making it a successful thrift outing. We’ve put together a list of the best thrift shops with affordable pieces that’ll make your fits stand out.

Here are our best thrift shops in NYC:

Housing Works Is Cast in Unusual Role: Corporate Overlord - The New York  Times

6. Housing Works, Various Locations

Housing Works sell everything from jewelry to furniture, and everything in between. If you’re looking for things beyond just clothes (maybe a cool coffee table for your new apartment?) try out one of these locations around the city.

Where: 157 East 23rd Street (Gramercy); Various Other Locations here

10 Best Thrift Shops In New York City You Need To Check Out - NewsBreak

5. Crossroads Trading Co., Various Locations

Crossroads Trading has a “Sell by mail” option which allows you to send in your old clothes and receive cash back via Zelle. They like to keep their collections current, so you’re more likely to find trendy pieces rather than original vintage.

Where: 135 North 7th Street (Williamsburg), Other Locations here
interior of store

4. Beacon’s Closet, Manhattan

Brooklyn founded, this NYC staple has since opened several locations from Park Slope to Chelsea. They usually have a great variety of jackets, however the men’s and women’s pants are mixed together so it can be hard to look through. You can even sell your stuff there to get cash back. Highly recommend for anyone looking to trade in their old jeans. You can find Supreme, Archive CDG, Rick Owens and more.

Where: 74 Guernsey Street; Various Other Locations here 


3. L Train Vintage, Manhattan

L Train Vintage is a great semi-curated vintage shop in the Lower East Side. The prices are very affordable with most shirts costing around $5-10. You can find some great jeans for $10-15. With two stories, this location has a ton of clothing with some great gems, including vintage Polo and vintage Nike items.

Monk Vintage in Williamsburg

2. Monk Vintage, Williamsburg

Monk Vintage is a pretty large location in Williamsburg with a great selection of vintage band Ts, patterned button downs, and men’s jackets. Check out their wide collection of sunglasses and accessories.

Where: 500 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
 Buffalo Exchange

1. Buffalo Exchange, Various Locations

Buffalo Exchange is a buy/sell/trade store with five locations in the city (two in Brooklyn, two in Manhattan, and one in Astoria). Prices ranges widely at Buffalo Exchange, and as with most thrifting, it can be hit or miss.

Where: 504 Driggs Avenue (Williamsburg); Various Other Locations here

General tips before you go: Make sure to hit up these places on the weekdays as weekends can get pretty busy. Have an idea in mind of what kind of things you're looking for, as it can be overwhelming to see so many options in one place. Take your time and have fun – thrifting is like panning for gold; you'll find something cool among the rocks.

And tell us how it went @befrontman!

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