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What Your White Sneakers Say About You

Annelise Hillmann • Jan 25, 2022

Since the mid 1900s, white sneakers have been a staple in men’s fashion wardrobe. From 80s workout ensembles to streetwear 'fits to even the most refined outfits on the runway, white sneakers are an emblem of American culture.

Why is this such an important backbone of our time? In short, they go with absolutely anything.

Different types of white sneakers can actually add a level of subtle difference in outfits that contribute to the overall aesthetic. Every guy should have a pair of white sneakers in their wardrobe. Here are the different types and what they say about you when you wear them.

Nike Air Force Ones

Air Force Ones - For the Streetwear Hypebeast

Nike Air Force Ones are perhaps its most popular iconic style. In a low-cut, all-white format they are the best selling shoes of all time and a decade ago Matt Powell told The New York Times the shoe sold 12 million pairs in 2005 alone. Originally not included in Nike’s catalog, over time the Air Force Ones were popularized to be a mainstream model.

What this says about you?

You like a good streetwear look, Hypebeast enthusiast perhaps.


Vans Low Top white sneakers

Low Top white Vans - For the West-Coast Beach Bums

Low top white Vans are more of a classic look on the West Coast, especially in places like LA and surfing communities. The slip on shoes gained popularity from 2008 to 2016 and played a large role in skate culture. Because of their cult following, they’ve been able to expand to mainstream culture and serve as a great example of casual/clean looks for the white sneaker aesthetic.

What this says about you?

You’re laid back, you like to go with the flow.


White Converse sneakers

White Converse - For the Straightshooters

HOT TAKE: White Converse are the most iconic white sneaker. A competitor to Vans, it was one of the original forms of white sneakers, frequently used by skaters across LA. With their flat soles, they're great for lifting weights and you can see these bad boys all over gyms. Dirty white Converse are a look all unto themselves that add a level of grunge while keeping the outfit color scheme neutral.

What this says about you?

You like the classics, and (hey) if it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.


Ecco white sneakers

Ecco - For the Comfortable

Rather than cloth, they’re actually made from leather which is which stands up better to rain and harsh conditions. Stepping in a puddle might be the end of your white Converses but probably not your Ecco’s. They’re also extremely comfy which is a huge plus for anyone who lives in an area that requires a lot of walking. They also have a different look than some of the other white sneakers, being slightly more sophisticated and professional, and with the added benefit of being easy to wipe off.

What this says about you?

You’re someone who cares about practicality and good design. A connoisseur of comfort, if you will.


New Balance white sneaker

New Balance - For the Bold

Grandpa or trendiest TikToker? Could go either way with New Balance sneakers.

New Balance’s are the most brand-forward and recognizable of white sneakers due to that big N siding the sneaker, but wearing a pair of these with pride often speaks that your quiet confidence is in a class of its own.

What this says about you?

You’re not afraid to be yourself, and take on the haters.


Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith - For the Socialite

The white shoe with the green guy on them? Yep, those are Stan Smith’s. Originally created in 1965 and to be endorsed by another tennis player, these staples have been a classic across classes for decades. Ever heard of tennis whites? This is what they’re talking about. In 1988 they were given a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for their sales becoming the best-selling tennis shoe in the world. Despite this in 2011, Adidas took a quick break from producing them, only to bring a refreshed version back in 2014.

What this says about you?

You’re versatile and able to speak to people of all kinds. With these you’re as ready to rock a blazer as you are a jersey.

With any of these, you’re ready to walk anywhere in style, Frontman. Good luck!