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Top 10 Self Care Items Under $20 | Easy Gifts for Men

Patch Kroll • Nov 08, 2022

1. Chapstick

An essential for men of all ages be it Chapstick, Burts Bees, Blistex. It's one of those classic stocking-stuffer gifts that men always appreciate having around and kind of expect not to have to purchase for themselves. Be the one to get it for him this year.

2. FRONTMAN® Papers 

Featured in part of GQ's Best Stuff for Men in Fall 2022, FRONTMAN Papers is a relative newcomer on the scene with a huge impact. Papers are small sheets made of charcoal that absorb sweat and oil from dirty pores making your forehead and face less shiny and keeping your skin healthy, balanced, and clean. 

The best part is that they look like a pack of rolling papers, so you can keep yourself clean discreetly. Grab a 50 pack at

3. Harperton Nail Clippers - the best nailclippers you'll ever use

When surveyed, women said that a man who takes care of himself is one of the most important attractive qualities — and the way they checked was 1) a clean face and 2) well kept nails. 

After numerous purchases on Amazon, our team found that these Harperton nail clippers were the best we had ever used. They come in multi-packs so you can easily keep some in your bathroom, backpack, and anywhere you need a set. 

Check them out here


4. Chewing Gum

A no brainer for anyone who eats. Between food getting stuck in your teeth and bad breath, it's always a safe bet to have some gum around, and keep yourself feeling fresh.

There are dozens of gum brands out there, but right now, FRONTMAN is offering delicious cool-mint gum as part of its Fresh Stocking Bundle that's perfect for a simple-yet-awesome holiday self-care gift.


5. Esquire Magazine Subscription

With more than half-a-million subscribers and operating since 1933, Esquire magazine is a phenomenal way to find out great self-care tips and stay up-to-date on world news. Grab a digital subscription here.


6. Fake House Plant

We've killed almost 100% of the plants we've ever had in the FRONTMAN office, but have been able to replace them with these awesome fake plants that liven up any room and help your mental health. They're great not only as decoration, but as a way to keep clutter from building up on a desk or shelf. Grab them at IKEA or Target for the best deals.


7. Small Wallet

With contactless payments working on almost 90% of checkouts across the country and world, a small wallet is a great way to de-clutter your pockets. Clutter-down to an ID and a back-up card for a mental and stress-free break. 


8. Comb

Classic. Simple. Necessary. Water and a comb has gotten fine men from Humphrey Bogart to our co-founder Nick a chance with romantic interests and business executives alike. No use going into what makes a great comb as hair type and preference will always be a factor, but we will pitch that you can get a free comb plus 10% off when you bundle more than 3 FRONTMAN products together using our holiday bundle maker.

9. Small Phone Charger

In an age where phones are getting bigger but their battery lives have seemed to have plateaued, there's nothing that can be more of a life-saver and mental-health-saver than a power bank. We think that the ideal ones are small, pocketable and give you just enough juice to get you out of a tight spot. Find them on Amazon and always check for deals at Best Buy

10. FRONTMAN® Award-winning Skintone Acne Treatment

It's magic. Skintone Acne Treatment is a small tube of topical cream with pigment that instantly starts de-bloating and treating patches of acne at all sizes while instantly covering it with a pigment that matches your skintone. Available in 10 different shades, it's the perfect gift for someone who needs a little extra help getting their acne gone.

Available here.


If you're looking for a great quick gift to fill up a stocking or the space around a tree, be sure to check out Fresh Zit Wipes — these wipes have all the power of regular face cleanser, but without convoluted steps. An easy 10-second wipe will clean your pores and get you feeling fresh for whatever the day holds.

Try here, or get them and more as part of the Clear Skin Kit.