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Fresh Stocking Bundle
Fresh Stocking Bundle
Fresh Stocking Bundle
Fresh Stocking Bundle

The Feelin' Fresh Bundle


Quick Info

  • Everything you need to feel Fresh in seconds
  • Contains 20 Face Cleanser Wipes, 1 chapstick, and 1 pack of gum
  • Essential men's stocking items in a cool mint style
  • Feel great all winter long

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Have him feelin' fresh with these essential gifts. We took the cooling sensation of Fresh cleanser wipes and brought it to two more limited edition face products. Get him all the classic holiday items in this succinct bundle so you can get back to shopping for the one who really matters: the dog.

What Comes In This Bundle

Our Fresh daily face wipes are THE fastest way to clean your face and improve your skin health. Remove oil, dirt, and bacteria in seconds. These 10 wipe packs are super convenient for on-the-go. Keep one in your gym bag, car, backpack, everywhere.

Limited edition, natural beeswax lip balm in Fresh flavor "Cool Mint". Made with aloe and jojoba for max hydration. Fix chapped lips in a matter of seconds with one simple swipe.

Limited edition Fresh chewing gum in flavor "Cool Mint". Look we'll level with you. This is gum. It's not gonna blow your mind, but it's nice gum.

This year

Win the holidays


Save time shopping this year

This pack includes three classic stocking or small gift items to stay refreshed. Easy win, and you get all the credit.


Feel great all winter long

Essential items that help you feel good every single day.


A Fresh face with no routine

This pack is made up of ultra-fast personal care items that were designed with young men in mind for maximum speed.