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Every Day Carry: 10 Essentials for Every Guy

Patch Kroll • Aug 03, 2022

Top 10 everyday essentials you need most from skincare to gear.

UO Dont Trip lighter

1. UO Electric Lighter

This electric lighter blends vintage-inspired hinge-lid style with effortlessly modern function. Find it here.

FRONTMAN Skintone Acne Treatment

A skin lifesaver for breakouts. Fade has all the properties of a great acne treatment while also covering zits immediately. Each unit comes in 1 of 10 shades, and in a travel size tube that lasts up to 3 months, depending on use.

Oil blotting sheets for men

3. FRONTMAN Papers

Forehead & Face sweat keeping you from looking great? Use a sheet of Papers to instantly absorb oil on your face causing shine. Keep in a pocket for easy access whenever you feel sweaty during the day. One sheet works on a full face, and Papers come in packs of 50. For under $10, this is an essential worth having on you for business meetings, the club, or post-workout.

Spigen phone case
4. Spigen Wallet Phone Case

You're carrying your phone anyway so you might as well keep the cards you still need alongside it. This case offers maximum protection and can fit your ID and credit cards in a secure way so you can be confident going out. 

Leather Airtag keychain

5. Leather AirTag Keychain

Tracking easily lost items like your keychain just got easier (at least, as long as you have an 

Bottle opener multitool

6. Bottle Opener Multitool

The kind of thing you always wish you had at the pregame. Look like you have your shit together more than you do, and schmooze with friends while cracking open cold ones with this multitool that also works as a boxcutter and small ruler. 


7. Airpods

Apple may claim to be doing it for "bravery" but the real reason they got rid of the headphone jack was so that they could sell these, but honestly thank god they did because AirPods have changed the game for convenience during commutes and gym time. BTW, if you're wondering which kind to get, try out the AirPods 2s which are cheaper than the 3s and we think just as good.

Chapstick holder

8. Chapstick holder

It looks lame right up until the point where your lips are chapped and then you realize that it's a discreet way of carrying around of life's true essentials: chapstick. Just don't let it be a gateway to EDC sunglasses safety straps and a belt phone clip and you're good to go. 

 Frontman Shield

9. FRONTMAN Shield

The radiation from the sun keeps us warm, but it's also actively causing damage to our skin. Shield was developed to be the ultimate solution to this: it's lotion to keep your skin healthy and moisturized while including just the right amount of SPF30 protection to eliminate all of that heavy, "goopy" feeling you get with most of these kinds of lotions. Use it daily (in the morning) for maximum protection.


Zit wipes for men


10. FRONTMAN Zit Wipes

Generally (and especially in the summer), it's hard to go anywhere without sweating at least somewhat. Zit Wipes are designed to give you that "just out of a shower" fresh feeling anywhere you go, whether it's after a workout, a long walk, a stressful meeting, or you just don't feel like showering that day. Try them in cool mint for standard refreshment, or after dark for a classy, pleasantly mysterious scent. 

Got suggestions for your own Every Day Carries? Drop them in the comments below and we'll message you a discount! 

Clear skin kit for men