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No idea what your shade is? Don't sweat it. Check out using this product and we'll text you shortly to get your shade picked for you.

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Contains 0.5% salicylic acid, spearmint extract, and lemon extract to dry out zits.

1 tube = 1-2 months of use

How to Use

PREP: Wash your face (!) with your normal cleanser or soap & water.

APPLY: Squeeze a *small* (smaller than you think) dot of the Fade onto your finger. Dab it onto your blemishes and continue dabbing until it blends into your skin.

REMOVE: Before you go to bed, wash off the Fade with a cleanser or soap & water. Use your normal acne treatment at night.

Drug Facts

Derm Developed        100% Recyclable        Paraben Free        Acne Fighting        Non Pore-clogging        Spearmint Extract        Derm Developed        100% Recyclable        Paraben Free        Acne Fighting        


Treats Acne

0.5% salicylic acid to clean pores; spearmint extract to kill bacteria; and lemon extract to speed up healing

Hides Acne

Blends in with skin and covers zits


Long-lasting formula that can withstand workouts