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Face Cleanser Wipes

We recommend using 40 wipes per month (at least once per day) to maximize the cleansing effects of Fresh.
Made with Salicylic Acid

Quick Info

  • Ditch your 4-step cleanser for these 1-step wipes
  • Use at least once per day to keep acne at bay

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Drug Facts
We didn't use our acne cleanser either — even when our acne was TERRIBLE. Why? Because 1) it didn't work fast enough, 2) it was too many steps. For those in the same boat you're in luck.
Breakouts come from sweat, dirt, & oil getting trapped in your pores.
Fresh wipes away all the junk.

Your routine becomes
this simple.

Us vs. Them
(We're better.)


Effective Ingredients
Salicylic Acid to treat breakouts

Useless Ingredients
Most cleansers rely on ingredients that are basically just soap

Routine Free
Use it when you need it without worrying about multiple steps

Multiple steps take away your time with no benefits

Use Anywhere
Never spills. Fits in bag. There when you need it.

Needs A Bathroom
Spills easily and requires water to use

Your cleanser smells like toilet cleaner.

Fresh wipes don't.

Cool Mint
Classic & Refreshing
After Dark
Intoxicating & Exhilarating
Why is Fresh better than soap & water?
Soap and water gets rid of the dirt on the surface of your face, but doesn't have the ingredients like salicylic acid that get into the pores to actually flush and treat them.
Do Fresh wipes immediately help with breakouts?
Yes, but for an INSTANT spot-treatment, try Fade. It targets breakouts with active ingredients while instantly covering them up with pigment that matches your skintone.
Do Fresh wipes exfoliate my skin?
Lightly, but for true exfoliation, try Swipe. It's kind of like a reset for skin deeply damaged by acne. Be careful to only use ~2 times per week, and be sure to prevent more acne coming back daily with these Fresh wipes.
How do Fresh wipes help with my acne?
Fresh contains powerful ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Cactus extract, Licorice extract, and more to clean pores deeply and flush out unwanted bacteria. This prevents acne from forming by removing the bacteria and oil that gets trapped in pores. Fresh is the easiest way to have a clean and acne-free face.
How often should I use Fresh wipes?
Fresh is made to be used daily, however frequently you like. We recommend twice (2x) a day.
Do I need a routine for Fresh wipes?
The ingredients found in these wipes are designed to be effective immediately. No routine necessary. The more you use them, the more likely to prevent acne and keep skin clear.
Do I need to wash it off after?
No, Fresh wipes are made to need no rinsing. Leave the solution on your face for maximum efficacy.