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Zit Wipes

Gentle salicylic acid face wipes to reduce oily skin and prevent breakouts daily.

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Salicylic acid daily face wipes



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Salicylic Acid

An effective breakout remedy

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10 Second Zit Routine

No more messing around with cleanser and a cotton ball. Designed for effectiveness without difficulty.

Clean Zits Fast

*Avoid eyes.

Backed By Science.

Gentle for Daily Use

Not excessively drying.


Building confidence starts with developing products based on science. Our products were carefully analyzed by dermatologists to maximize efficacy and quality.

Dr. Elise Hillmann MD

Dermatologist, Mayo Clinic, Harvard University
dr elise hillmann, md

For all skin types.

Works on oily, acne-prone, and combination skin.

natural extracts leafs

Natural Extracts

cactus and licorice for maximum spot clearing


Travel Friendly

No spill, ever.


made of cotton


Used by 5000+ Daily

Cool Mint

Classic & refreshing

After Dark

Mysterious and intriguing

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a routine for Zit Wipes?
The ingredients found in these wipes are designed to be effective immediately. No routine necessary. The more you use them, the more likely to prevent acne and keep skin clear.
Do I need to wash it off after?
No, Zit Wipes are made to need no rinsing. Leave the solution on your face for maximum efficacy.
Do Zit Wipes exfoliate my skin?
Yes, these wipes lightly exfoliate with daily use.
Do Zit Wipes immediately help with breakouts?
Yes, but for an INSTANT spot-treatment, try our Skintone Acne Treatment. It targets breakouts with active ingredients while instantly covering them up with pigment that matches your skintone.
How do Zit Wipes help with my breakouts?
Zit Wipes contain powerful ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Cactus Extract, Licorice Extract, and more to clean pores deeply and flush out unwanted bacteria. This prevents breakouts from forming by removing the bacteria and oil that gets trapped in pores. Zit Wipes are the easiest way to have a clean and acne-free face.
How many wipes come in each pack?
Ten (10) wipes come in each pack. We designed them so this way they don't get a chance to dry out before you get a chance to use them.
How often should I use Zit Wipes?
If your breakouts are frequent, use 2x (twice) daily. If not, use once daily to prevent.
Why are Zit Wipes better than soap & water?
Soap and water gets rid of the dirt on the surface of your face, but doesn't have the ingredients like Salicylic Acid that get into the pores to actually flush and aid breakout-prone skin.