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Starter Pack 

$43.00Save 10%


  • 1 tube of fade in YOUR shade
  • 50 pack of Papers
  • 10 pack of Fresh™ Cool Mint wipes
  • 10 pack of Fresh™ After Dark wipes

Select your shade of Fade™:

What comes in the Starter Pack


Fresh wipes clean the grime and sweat that causes acne off your face leaving you feeling refreshed.


Fade™ is a skin-tinted cream that hides acne instantly white treating the underlying problem with active ingredients.

Comes in 10 shades to perfectly match your skintone.


Papers instantly absorb oil and shine from your face and forehead leaving you dry

fade got rid of my acne instantly, and the other products kept it from ever coming back as hard. im on my third order now and will keep coming back

Mike, 23

How To Use

Our co-founder Nick sweatsclogging his pores he took care of with Fresh
Our co-founder Nick has a greasy face he took care of with Papers
Our co-founder Nick has breakouts he took care of with Fade

Fresh wipes are now an essential part of my gym bag. I clean off especially sweaty areas and they don't breakout or dry out like they do with soap and water.

James, 28

Frontman as a company rocks. I got d1 right before they expanded there shade line and they sent me a d3 for free. this stuff actually works so well its crazy.

Kevin, 24

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