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* bag, shoes, and bottle not included.

Refresh faster
Post Workout

The Post-Workout Duo is the ultimate time-saver at the gym

What's included?

Save 10%

Body Acne Spray

A spray made for body breakouts caused by sweat and bacteria made worse by tight clothing. Easily reach acne or bumps on back, chest, neck, and butt.

Contains: 30-Day Supply

Save 10%

Face Cleanser Wipes

Face wipes made with natural cleanser ingredients to clear skin of excess sweat, oil, dirt without the need to rinse. Keeps skin clean and acne free when you don’t have time to shower.

Contains: 20x Wipes

Body Spray

Face Wipes



“I’m a former D1 athlete who’s continued to train since graduation. Incorporating Vanish & Fresh has stopped back-ne and random breakouts almost entirely.”


“I only recently started going to the gym, and despite losing weight I was getting less attractive because of overactive testosterone was causing breakouts all over. FRONTMAN products were able to help me control my acne literally in two weeks.”


“I cut my 4-step acne system to 1-step wipes. Game changer!”


Crush your Workout.
Skip the Shower.