Hi, we’re FRONTMAN
Nice to meet you
Meet Annelise + Nick

Annelise grew up with a ton of skincare knowledge from her dermatologist mom. Nick grew up using a bar of soap as his only skincare tool.

We met in college and realized that there’s still a big gender grooming gap. We built this company from our dorm to give guys the choice to use products that make them feel confident. We’re trying to do the “impossible”, change culture for the better.

Our values
Anyone can be a

We’re building a community of modern values. FRONTMAN is the idea that everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, can and should feel confident in their own skin. We’re creating products, but we’re also starting a conversation.

Self care shouldn’t be

Our society still doesn’t teach guys the basics of Self Care, starting with their skin. We aim to change that, with the right products and the right resources to empower everyone to feel their best.

Creatives change culture.

We welcome any and all creatives to join us in breaking down toxic masculinity and embracing people for all their humanity. Our community of creators is vibrant and growing. Email us at create@befrontman.com to get involved.

Sustainability is a given.

As conscious humans, we never want to create something that has a negative impact on our environment. Wanna know why we took two years to make this product? We didn’t settle for anything less than sustainable materials. We’re proud to say Fade’s tubes are 100% biodegradable and made from sugar cane.

Feel good first, Look good second.

We’ve personally felt how much of an impact our appearances can have on the way we feel. We want to open up the mental health conversation and will strive to support positive change, wherever and whenever we can.