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Men's Makeup But Better

Introducing men's makeup with skincare benefits. Fade is the blemish concealer for guys that covers & treats acne.

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Comparison Of FRONTMAN Fade and Without FRONTMAN Fade
Meet Fade
Skintone Acne Treatment
$24.00 - 3mo Supply
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solves problems

This concealer for men is both a cover up AND an acne treatment. Dual function makeup for men is our specialty.

Revolutionary Acne Makeup for Men

Dermatologist Developed

    Light makeup for men containing active acne treatment ingredients

    Developed to cover men's acne easily

    Salicylic acid & natural extracts that heal breakouts

Light makeup for men that blends in invisibly.

The ultimate treatment concealer for men. See the difference for yourself.


What is makeup for men?
Men's concealer is skin colored cream that blends invisibly to skin and matches your natural shade.
How is men's makeup different from other makeup?
Men's skin is naturally thicker and oilier than women's, leading to more frequent breakouts. That's why we custom formulated our products to work for men's skin and to treat problems at the root. Our products are also non-comedogenic which means they won't clog pores or make acne worse.
How can I use men's makeup in my routine?
Use Fade whenever you break out in the morning or during the day for perfect looking skin. Apply concealer after your moisturizer for the smoothest application.
How does Fade work as an acne treatment concealer?
Fade has a hero ingredient, salicylic acid, that works to remove oil and bacteria to heal acne fast.