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Foundation For Men

FRONTMAN Fade is the best foundation cream for men — designed to not only cover acne and blemishes but TREAT them at the source.

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Comparison Of FRONTMAN Fade and Without FRONTMAN Fade
Meet Fade
Skintone Acne Treatment
$24.00 - 3mo Supply
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solves problems

Our approach of creating both long-term benefits and instant solutions is so good that you may not even notice men wearing foundation.

"Best Foundation for Men's Skin"

Dermatologist Developed

    Considered one of the best men's makeup for dark circles

    The best foundation cream for men because of it's healing properties

    Doesn't clog pores

    Male Foundation has never seen a revolution like this.

Treatment-based Men's Foundation Cream

Your skin will heal as your apply men's foundation. The simple liquid foundation for men is easy to apply and stays on despite sweat, and daily wear. So much better than things like Male Foundation powder and equivalents.


Is it noticeable.
Not at all, especially if you're covering all breakouts of acne on your face.
Do men wear foundation?
Yes! But it's altogether better if it's treating while covering. This reduces the need for more foundation over time.
Does this work as men's under eye makeup?
Yep, but it does a lot more than that too.
Is it normal to see men wearing foundation?
Yep. You just don't realize it — especially when it's as good as FRONTMAN Fade
Will this work for my dark circles?
This mens cover up makeup is the best for any kind of dark circles. It's way better than liquid foundation for men or any other kind of male foundation.