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Which superheroes would benefit most from a skincare routine?

Patch Kroll • Oct 19, 2023

The concept of superheroes benefiting from a skincare routine is a whimsical one since many superheroes have abilities or attributes that either negate the need for skincare or would render typical skincare products ineffective. But for the sake of fun:

1. Hellboy


With his rugged, red skin and propensity for scars and battle damage, Hellboy might benefit from a good exfoliating routine and some moisturizing. Plus, considering how often he's in heated battles, a bit of SPF couldn't hurt.

2. The Thing (Ben Grimm) from the Fantastic Four

the thing

His rocky exterior could potentially benefit from a moisturizing routine to prevent cracking or chafing.

3. Deadpool


Given his rapid healing factor but continuous scarring and rough appearance, perhaps a gentle skincare routine could make Wade Wilson feel a tad more comfortable, even if just temporarily.

4. Killer Croc

killer croc

This Batman villain, who suffers from a rare form of regressive atavism that has caused him to develop reptilian features, might benefit from a moisturizing regimen to care for his scaly skin.

5. Mystique


Her shape-shifting might require maintaining her skin's elasticity and health, so skincare could potentially play a role.

6. Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

star lord

As a human often exposed to various alien environments, Peter could definitely use a protective skincare routine to shield him from harmful extraterrestrial elements.

Of course, this is all in good fun, and each superhero/villain's fictional biology or powerset often negates the needs we mere mortals have. But thinking about their skincare routines provides an entertaining blend of our everyday concerns with the fantastical world of comics!