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5 Grooming Tips for the Best Wedding Season

Annelise Hillmann • May 31, 2022

Whether you're the best man, the weird cousin...or just crashing... these are 5 tips for looking and feeling your best.

1. Use Skintone Acne Treatment on breakouts

Cover your acne instantly while treating it. Just a little bit goes a long way, and since it’s sweat-proof you won’t have to worry about dancing the night away. Our hero acne treatment comes in 10 shades to hide pimples in seconds, the perfect lifesaver for a last minute breakout. Can't tell you how many times this has saved the day – for the groom and everyone involved! 

2. Learn to tie a Double Windsor

Here's the big secret — the Double Windsor Knot is a myth. It’s actually just an incorrect name for the Windsor Knot. This error comes from confusion with the Half-Windsor Knot, but never mind that. Regardless of what name you call it, if you’re going for a timeless large, triangular knot, the Windsor is what you want.

The Windsor is a very large symmetrical triangular-shaped knot. While the knot is self-releasing, it doesn't slip off when tied correctly. It's the most comfortable knot to wear because the loops at the back of the knot allow a bit of space between the collar line and the necktie.

Google how to do it beforehand and try it out a few times so you can look cool in front of the other groomsmen. 

3. Bring sunscreen for outside pictures

Chances are the couple has arranged for professional photos outside, and guests will also be looking for natural lighting for the best pics. These things always drag out so having some sunscreen on hand is a must. Even in winter, you'll end up burning for hours-long photo sessions. Try our Shield SPF lotion for a lightweight, no fuss option.

4. Shave a day before, not day of

Unless you're the hairiest man in the world. Shaving the day of can cause some irritation or razor burn, leaving you uncomfortable throughout the day. Shave the day before and you'll still look clean shaven but skip any risk of redness.

5. Tip the bartender at the start

Pro tip: bartenders love guests who tip upfront. Get better drinks all night long by being one of the first to add to that tip jar. Our wedding drink of choice: a good old fashioned.

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