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Starter Pack


Quick Info

  • 1x "Fade" Skintone Acne Treatment, in your shade
  • 20x "Fresh" Cleanser wipes, in two scents
  • 50x "Papers", oil-absorbing charcoal sheets, to reduce shine

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Kickstart your skincare health. Get all of our best-selling, routine-simplifying, ultra-fast products at a bundled discount. 

With Fade, instantly cover breakouts with active-ingredient pigment that works to clean your pores under the scenes. Start (and End) your day with a Fresh wipe to keep bad breakouts from coming again with a cocktail of FDA approved acne ingredients in the easiest-to-use-format ever. And blot away all that bad $#!7 out of your skin with Papers — just don't smoke them!!

What Comes In This Bundle


A simple cream that combines FDA-approved acne-fighting ingredients with one of 10 skin tone pigments to instantly hide breakouts with just a drop. Its active ingredient (salicylic acid) works to deeply penetrate pores and clean out acne-causing debris. Awarded "#1 Acne Camouflager for Men" by Esquire Magazine.

    Fresh - Variety 2 Pack

    Our Fresh daily face wipes are THE fastest way to clean your face and improve your skin health. Remove oil, dirt, and bacteria in seconds. These 10 wipe packs are super convenient for on-the-go. Keep one in your gym bag, car, backpack, everywhere.


    You know when you look like you rubbed your face on a slice of pizza? Then the light hits your face just the wrong way and all of a sudden it's like sunlight bouncing off an iPhone into your friends eyes...

    Well those days are over: introducing Papers. They instantly absorb the oil and grease in pores that cause acne leaving your face moisturized yet damaging-oil free. Just wipe and toss. Daily use will mean overall less oil and less acne. 

    All you need to

    Get Started

    Feature #1

    Easy for skincare beginners

    We made these products because we had no time or patience for old school options. These are THE fastest way to look better in seconds and more importantly feel good.

    Feature #2

    Save 10% on Bestsellers

    Everything you need to get started – for less.

    Feature #3

    Award-winning innovative men's skincare

    Fade was named "Best Acne Product for Men" by Esquire Magazine. Try these cutting-edge best sellers today.