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Soothe Soothe Soothe Soothe
Soothe Soothe Soothe Soothe


Stops Razor Burn

How It Works

Drug Facts
Ever finished shaving and it's hard to touch your face? This is exactly what you need to cool off the burn and fix damage caused by a shoddy razor.
Cooling Sensation
Shea butter and lemon extract work to cool irritation, instantly soothing skin damaged from shaving.
Quick Acting
Works in seconds, not minute. Perfect the ritual of the shave without adding any time to your routine.
Works *Everywhere* You Shave
Shea Butter works to quickly soothe any area recently shaved, wherever that may be.


Each Unit Should Last 1-2 Months of Shaving

$24.00 • 1-2 Months of Shaving

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