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Smooth & Soothe Duo
Smooth & Soothe Duo

Smooth & Soothe Duo

Save $10 on shaving essentials

BUNDLE with a deal combining two of our newest small-batch products, perfect for after-shaving.

Drug Facts+
Stop Ingrowns. End your shave right.
How To Use+
Start with applying Smooth to disrupt ingrowns from growing. Afterwards apply Soothe to get that cooling sensation to finish your shave.

Every time we shaved we were left with a red, bumpy neck. Turns out it wasn’t acne – it was ingrowns. Use this post-shave lotion to get your face feeling smooth.

imagine a nice POST SHAVE

apply a small amount of each product

stops ingrown bumps

cools razor burn

What Smooth & Soothe Duo does for You