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Pizza & Papers Stocking Bundle
Pizza & Papers Stocking Bundle
Pizza & Papers Stocking Bundle
Pizza & Papers Stocking Bundle
Pizza & Papers Stocking Bundle

The Pizza & Papers Bundle


Quick Info

  • IN THIS BUNDLE: A giftcard for a slice of pizza, a pizza cutter, and our award-winning papers
  • Eating greasy food can cause acne. Absorb the acne-causing grease with Papers.
  • BONUS: We're giving you a pizza cutter / bottle opener for your next pie

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A month ago, Kyle texted that he had to stop eating pizza because his face was getting too greasy and he was breaking out. We said F that. This year, Kyle's getting pizza back.

An epic holiday bundle that stops breakouts caused by greasy food. Enjoy a slice on us, and when you get oily, use our absorbing charcoal sheets to remove bad grease.


With one dab, each Paper pulls up the oil on your skin and prevents acne formation. A handy multifunctional pizza-cutter / bottle-opener tops off this iconic pack.

What Comes In This Bundle

It is what is sounds like. Redeem at QR link for a $5 credit towards a pizza shop near you (probably Dominos). We're so certain that Papers will absorb face oil that we're giving you the funds to put it to the test.

Eating greasy food can contribute to acne. This is your chance to not let it.

Oil-Absorbing Charcoal Sheets

Looking greasy during the day? Meet Papers. These charcoal sheets instantly absorb the oil and grease in pores that cause acne, leaving your face moisturized yet oil free.

Just wipe and toss. Daily use will result in overall less oil and less acne.

You've heard of the Swiss Army Knife, you've heard of the Leatherman. But it is today that we are unveiling the next great EDC tool. Introducing the 'Za Cutter by FRONTMAN. This 2-in-1 masterpiece slices through hot dough with a sharp edge that rivals a plastic Excalibur. As if that wasn't enough, the handle includes a bottle opener to complement your 'za with beverage needs.

Show up to your next high school kegger in style. Just be careful not to cut yourself.

This year

Win the holidays

Did You Know

Face acne is partially caused by food oil.

The good news is that Papers can help absorb the excess oil left on your face from eating grease-heavy food and help prevent breakouts. We're so certain that we're throwing in a pizza cutter AND a gift card for you next slice, so you can prove it for yourself.

Fun & Functional

For every pizza lover

A gift he loves paired with a gift he needs — does it get any better than that?

⚠ Warning

Please don't smoke these Papers

These ultra-absorbant sheets are the ultimate vehicle for removing oil from your pores. They're made of charcoal – so despite how they may look, you cannot smoke them.