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Oil-Absorbing Charcoal Sheets

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Made with Charcoal

Quick Info

  • Absorbs Forehead Shine in Seconds
  • 50 Sheets per Cassette
  • Powered by Charcoal for Max. Absorption

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Looking greasy during the day? Meet Papers. These charcoal sheets instantly absorb the oil and grease in pores that cause acne, leaving your face moisturized yet oil free.

Just wipe and toss. Daily use will result in overall less oil and less acne.

Looking Greasy During The Day?

Papers remove oil & sweat fast

Feature #1

Look Less Greasy in Seconds

Instant results & gratification. Wipe across your forehead and "T-zone" and watch as a FRONTMAN Paper absorbs excess grease. When you're done, just throw out the sheet, and keep the rest in your pocket for later use.

How It Works

Charcoal Absorbs Sweat

Functionally, Papers work by placing a layer of soft, ultra-absorbent charcoal soaking up excess oil and sweat. It's not complicated but extremely effective.

The Best Part

Fits Anywhere. Take Everywhere.

50 Sheets should last you anywhere from 3 weeks to a month when used daily. The credit-card sized packaging means that it fits in pockets, bags, cabinets and car-trays alike so keep a pack wherever you go and never worry about shine again.