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Fade is a skin-colored cream with proven acne-fighting ingredients.

It covers acne and treats it.


    Contains 0.5% salicylic acid, spearmint extract, and lemon extract to dry out zits.

    1 tube = 1-2 months of use

    How to Use

    PREP: Wash your face (!) with your normal cleanser or soap & water.

    APPLY: Squeeze a *small* (smaller than you think) dot of the Fade onto your finger. Dab it onto your blemishes and continue dabbing until it blends into your skin.

    REMOVE: Before you go to bed, wash off the Fade with a cleanser or soap & water. Use your normal acne treatment at night.

    Drug Facts

    Derm Developed        100% Recyclable        Paraben Free        Acne Fighting        Non Pore-clogging        Spearmint Extract        Derm Developed        100% Recyclable        Paraben Free        Acne Fighting        


    Treats Acne

    0.5% salicylic acid to clean pores; spearmint extract to kill bacteria; and lemon extract to speed up healing

    Hides Acne

    Blends in with skin and covers zits


    Long-lasting formula that can withstand workouts


    What They're Saying

    Stephen Podcast Host, Drinking Game

    It genuinely works! I put it on before an event and I was feeling like a bad b*tch. And the thing is it's actually treating your acne while it's on. Highly highly recommend.

    Connor Boston, MA

    Great product that didn’t feel oily. Made a quick and noticeable improvement to my acne while covering it up during the day.

    Mitch New York, NY

    Girlfriend just told me for the third time today "your skin looks so good what did you put on it. +1 for you guys.

    Jason Los Angeles, CA

    Never thought I could cover my acne while fixing it. This is a game changer tbh.

    Developed with dermatologists + natural extracts

    Developed with board-certified dermatologists, Fade is paraben free, noncomedogenic, and includes effective naturally-derived ingredients.

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