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Anti-Aging Undereye Bag & Wrinkle Gel

Quick Info

  • Peptides promote collagen in target areas for tighter and less wrinkled appearance
  • Immediate cooling effect on application
  • No burn or irritation

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Drug Facts
Our most premium product. Freeze is an anti-aging peptide gel that stops your skin from aging where applied and improves your skin health overall. Simply apply under your eyes as part of your nightly routine and watch (or rather don't) as wrinkles, bags, and lines stop forming under your eyes.

Stop the clock

Get Freeze

Feature #1

Looking Old Sucks

The peptides in this formula helps your skin develop collagen in target areas keeping the areas tighter and less wrinkled.

Feature #2

Feel The Freeze

Maybe it's the hedonist in us, but the immediate cooling effect on application is *chef's kiss*.

Feature #3

No Burn

Despite having multiple active ingredients, none will cause any kind of burn or irritation — just don't get it directly in your eyes.