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Boost sales with high-demand skincare

In a growing trend, barbers are offering skincare to men aged 18-32. We have the easiest way for you to sell it to them.

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faster men's grooming

Barbers across the USA are adding men’s skincare to their offerings

FRONTMAN® offers the easiest way to jump on the trend

Meet FRONTMAN® products

Skintone Acne Treatment

FDA acne treatment with skin tint. Available in 6 skintones.

Made with Salicylic Acid
What is this

Salicylic Acid Face Wipes

Salicylic acid wipes with added scent. The easiest and fastest version of an zit-fighting face cleanser.

Made with Salicylic Acid
What is this

Our model for success

1. Built for repeat

FRONTMAN customers come back for more

1/3 of our customers have bought 3 or more products from us.

2. Quick & Easy

Adds only 10 seconds to each hair cut

Offer customers to apply the product as an extra service.

3. Works Anywhere

Comes with convenient counter display

The average FRONTMAN customer comes back for their main product at least

Used by leading barbers in the US

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Barber Kit


$216 retail value

  • 8 tubes of Skintone Acne Treatment, in 4 shades
  • 8 face wipes packs FREE, in 2 scents

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