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What Should I Do to Take Care of My Skin • Your Daily Skin Checklist

Dec 30, 2020

What Should I Do To Take Care of My Skin? 

You wake up. Roll out of bed. Eat something questionable out of the back of your fridge and (hopefully) drink a big glass of water (it is great for your skin). You wander to the bathroom. You spend eight to ten minutes pooping, skimming TikTok, etc. Now it’s time to wash your face and get your day truly started:

A daily skin checklist seems pretty basic but is a great base for establishing and simple and easy routine to keep you skin healthy and your face acne free. Check out a basic one we put together for you.  

Your Daily Skin Checklist

1. Wash your hands.

Bacteria=not so good for your skin. So wash your hands before applying any products!

2. Cleanse your face with cold-ish water.

Now, at night, you’ll lather your skin cleanser in warm water. And gently wash it off with water. But in the mornings, it’s good to try and just stick with water as you don’t want your skin to lose its natural oils. Since you washed your face at night, you’re good to go! Cold water helps wash any excessive oils off your face, stimulate blood flow, and close your pores

3. Moisturize

You want to take about a quarter-size dollop of moisturizers and gently work it into your whole face. It’s important to add moisture back into your face after cleansing.  If you have dark circles, we also recommend investing in an eye cream too.

4. Spot treat/conceal

If you happen to have a few pimples, you can spot treat, or conceal them. During the day, dab a little concealer on your finger and gentle pad it onto the affected area until its less visible. See our concealing guide for more instructions on this one. At night, stick to a spot treatment with salicylic acid to help dry out pimples. 

Easy. Done. You're welcome. Now stop reading a blog and go OWN IT.