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How Do I Make My Acne Better? • Establish a Skin Care Routine for Men

Dec 31, 2020

How Do I Make My Acne Better

The key to treating acne in the long term is to develop a routine that you can stick to. This means one that is pretty straightforward and easy to maintain (i.e. affordable). We recommend three pretty simple steps. Cleanse, moisturize, spot treat.  

Establish a Skin Routine

Say it with us: Cleanse, moisturize, spot-treat. 

#1. Cleansing

Depending on your skin type, you’ll want to pick a cleanser that’s right for your skin. For sensitive and dry skin, Cetaphil’s daily cleanser is gentle, dermatologist-recommended, and easily located in your nearest drug store. 

For oily skin, while Cetaphil will work, you might want something that breaks down the oil on your skin a little more thoroughly and gets into some potentially clogged pores. Try a cleanser with the words “foaming” in it. Foamy cleansers help break down oil a bit better. 

#2. Moisturize

Moisture is so important for your skin. When the skin doesn’t have enough moisture, it either drys out or tries to overcompensate and overproduces oil which can lead to ~acne~. Incorporating a daily moisturizing routine is key to keep your skin in balance. 

Hydrating, unperfumed moisturizers are generally a good go-to. Neutrogena and Cetaphil both make affordable skin-friendly face moisturizers. 

Now, some might say, “Hey, can’t you just use like any moisturizer for your face” and then proceed to put moisturizer design for your scaly elbows on their face. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Putting heavy creams on your face that are meant for your body can def lead to pimples. 

#3. Spot Treat 

This is one that many of the other acne companies will avoid, but it's one of our absolute favorites because it's so directly attacking problems. 

Your dermatologist might recommend some other products to include in your daily routine, such as creams, sunblock, etc. But one other part of your routine to is spot-treatment. There are a few products on the market that you can buy that help get rid of a pimple sooner by essentially suffocating it and drying it up. *Cough Cough* FADE. The ingredients they contain are usually salicylic acid or another drying agent. The important part of including spot treatment in your acne routine is that it not only gets rid of pimples faster but reduces the likelihood that you’ll pick and prod at them. 

Not everyone’s optimal acne routine will be this simple. Everyone has different needs. If you have extremely acne-prone skin, dermatologist prescribed products will be a key element in your routine. That being said. This is a good and simple start! And one that you can stick to.