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Could Cosmetics Help My Acne? • A Case for Men’s Cosmetic Products

Dec 31, 2020

Could Cosmetics Help My Acne? 

Why Men's Cosmetic Products for Acne

Hi, hey, hello,

Yes, you. The person who may still under the impression that cosmetics are for women and women alone. The person who has a zit and wants it to go away. The person who would love to be able to rub some kind of magic fluid over your face and make the damn spot disappear (Spoiler Alert: it exists and no it’s not called “bro cream”). We see you. You've eyed the outside of a Sephora before and were frankly too intimidated to walk in. We get it: there's like 56 brands of concealer, some quasi-promising to get rid of your acne, dissolve your student loan debt, and start your 401k. It's a lot to take in. Those glistening cheeked sales representatives in what appears to be Star Trek costumes don't exactly scream "APPROACH ME."

Even something as standard concealer feels like a monumental decision. I mean what's the difference between a "matte" concealer, a stick concealer, a concealer that has perfume in it, a "sheer" concealer, a non-comedogenic concealer, an under-eye concealer. Sometimes concealers don't even look like concealers, they are, conveniently, concealed in their concealer-ness. Yes, we know, CONFUSING.

We're here to eliminate your confusion. Our formula and reason for being at FRONTMAN is pretty simple:

Do you have a pimple? Yes.

Would you like to cover it until it heals? Yes.

Would you like a product to help it go away faster? Yes.

Would you like a product that does that and is easy to use? Yes.

Would you like the company that makes it to be like kinda cool? Yes.

Would you like them to make that product affordable? Yes.

You might think to yourself: Men don’t wear cosmetics. We like to think of it as: Men haven’t had as many opportunities to wear products built for them . We’ve seen the videos. There’s a shmarmy looking dude in a professional gaming chair “reacting” to a woman putting on a full face of makeup, commenting “what a catfish.” We get it. They’re a tad bitter they can’t at the very least cover up a long night with a little under eye concealer. It’s unfair and illogical.

Enter FRONTMAN Fade, an acne fader that covers acne in seconds through it’s cosmetic properties and treats it all day through it’s acne-fighting active ingredients. It’s everything you’ve been waiting for in a product and we’re hoping to build a brand you like too.  

Fade acne concealer for men